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Why 2023 is the year to buy a foal

With high inflation putting pressure on prices of luxury items worldwide, enthusiasts of dressage and showjumping horses can seize a unique opportunity.

For those with financial reserves and a desire to invest in the future of equestrian sports, 2023 is an exceptional year to acquire multiple foals.

Investing in the Future of Equestrian Sports

As a passionate horse lover, purchasing a foal goes beyond fulfilling the love for horses. It's also an investment in the future of equestrian sports and potentially a strategic move to build value. A foal that is raised and trained well can develop into an approved stallion, a top breeding mare, or a dressage or showjumping horse for the sport. While there are financial risks associated, similar to investing, raising a quality horse can be financially rewarding.

Diversification of Investments

If you have accumulated financial reserves and an interest in equestrian sports, the current market situation provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. Investing in foals can be a smart choice, especially considering the potentially favorable prices due to inflation. Therefore, it can be a strategically interesting decision to acquire multiple foals, thereby spreading risks and increasing the chances of success.

A Good Foal Always Retains Its Value

While prices are under pressure and the current market offers the chance to acquire foals at a favorable cost, a significant portion of good and above-average foals retain their value.

Breeders who possess a good foal and currently cannot achieve their desired price, yet have the capacity to keep the foal themselves, will opt to raise it on their own. After all, good and healthy young horses will become even scarcer and thus more expensive in a few years!

If you wish to purchase a foal from these breeders, you will likely need to adjust your budget to a minimum of €7,500 or €15,000 or higher for acquiring a very good foal.

In the picture:

Torius SC- stallion - Sir Donnerhall x Totilas x Vivaldi

Tender S - stallion - Harley VDL x Contender x Acorado I

Tessa - filly - Cero Blue TN x Quabri de L'Isle x Solitair

Talento - stallion - Ferguson x Oscar x Jazz

Toffifee Irene S - filly - Glock's Toto Jr. x Zhivago x Purioso

Titus fils d'Zita S - stallion - Desperado x Sandro Hit x Ulft


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