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What size will my foal become?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A question that both breeder and buyer would like to see answered. It is nice to be able to estimate what the expected height of your newborn or foal to be purchased will be. The degree of heredity of the stick size is quite high. This means that with external factors, such as the environment, nutrition and deworming, your influence on the final size of your horse is limited. The chart below is the result of a past study of KWPN foals at the Horse Practice Study in Lelystad the Netherlands. It is a handy tool to get an indication of the development of your foal. You don't have to be alarmed immediately if your foal is a bit behind or maybe a bit ahead of the numbers in the chart. After all, this represents average growth. It is recommended to measure your horse at different ages. If your horse stays behind on the chart for 2 months or more, there is a good chance that a height of 1.60 m will not be reached. Of course there are always exceptions :-)


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