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Ready to buy your new foal?

Hello everyone,

This summer has been really tough for this season’s colts and fillies. Hot weather and no rain have resulted in really harsh conditions in the fields. There has been lack of green grass almost in every corner of Europe. Let’s hope that we will get some rains soon so that we can ensure enough nourishment for our young friends. But be assured, our breeders take the best care of our future stars.

We have been busy the past months meeting with various breeders. It has been fun, and as result we have found you this beautiful collection of dressage and jumping foals. So, please check out our website regularly for we post new foals almost every week.

And, if there is something special you are looking for (combination of sires, special mother-line etc.), send us an email or call, and we will use our contacts to find that right one for you. Our breeders also have some foals that are in principle for sale, but not listed, so let us know what your preferences are and we will it.

Always happy to help, Sabine & Johanna Foal for Sale The Global Agency for Buying and Selling Foals


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