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KWPN bans the complete shearing of foals

With effect from the inspection and event season 2022, the KWPN has implemented a change in regulations, whereby the complete shearing of foals is no longer allowed. Also with adult horses it is no longer allowed to completely remove the tactile hairs around the mouth and eyes and to completely shave the inside of the auricle. The KWPN has hereby amended its General Regulations and thus follows the FEI regulations.

It is still allowed to shave the legs, trim or shave the tail and trim excessively protruding hair.

The KWPN uses 2022 as a transition year. With effect from 1 January 2023, the new regulations will be enforced and horses and foals that have been groomed in this way will be banned from the inspection ring.

The full article about the regulation change can be found here

Source: KWPN


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