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Amadex Z

Oh my...

Amadex Z is a chic jumping foal from the Holsteiner dam W-Folia SR. He runs and canters with a lot of balance and has a correct foundation. A foal from a damline with a lot of sporthorses and a large number of approved stallions.

Cravitz W (Cassini II) - ggk NRPS- 1.30 m.

Una (Numero Uno) - 1.35 m. - Megan Lauser (NED)

S.L.I. Quapitol (Quidam de Revel) - 1.40 m. - Arnold Boerekamps (NED)

Concardo (Contender) - 1.45 m. - Summer Hill (USA)

Diablesse (Diamant de Semilly) - 1.40 m. - Abdelkebir Quaddar (MAR)

Grand Vikar (Colonel) - 1.50 m.

Approved stallions:

Chico 716, Capitol I, II and III, Latus I and II, Cellebrio, Maurus, Montreal, Robinson and Lagrain (1.60 m).

Dam is the Holsteiner mare W-Folia SR (Quite Capitol). To date, she produced 5 offspring, including the NRPS approved stallion Cravitz W (Cassini II) and the 1.40 m. classified mare Una (Numero Uno).


Grandam H-Folia (Calando I) produced three offspring that competed at 1.30 m level, the Holsteiner approved stallion Chico 716 and the 1.40 m horse S.L.I Quapitol (Quidam de Revel). Daughter T-Cardina (Cardino) produced the 1.45m. horse Concardo (Contender) and the 1.40 m. jumping mare Diablesse (Diamant de Semillly).

Great-grandmother Folia (Maximus) produced no less than 6 approved stallions: Capitol I, II, III, Latus I, II and Cellebrio.

In the mare line we also find the 1.50 m. jumping horse Grand Vikar (Colonel) and the 1.60 m. jumping horses Lagrain (Landgraf I) and Vaseline (Landessohn).

Sire is the young stallion Amadeo van 't Vossenhof Z (Asca Z x Carthago). He was elected as one of the top stallions at the Zangersheide stallion show. Amadeo is a stallion with a great appearance, jumping ability and a high-quality confirmation.


His father Asca Z was successful at the highest level with Judy Ann Melchior and Christian Ahlmann.


Dam Caloma II Z (Carthago) jumped successfully at the highest level. Her daughter Quattro Loma SB (Quidam Z) jumps internationally at 1.45 m level and her full sister Caloma Z is the mother of none other than the approved stallion Quasimodo Z.

The first foals of Amadeo seem to be full of promise. Two of his descendants took first place at the inspection in Moerbeke-Waas Belgium in 2018.




Mr. T. Reijerink


The Netherlands