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Dressage foals for sale

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Rainier - stallion born 21-5-2021

Electron x Spielberg x Gribaldi

Location: Eede - The Netherlands

Colour: Bay

Price: On request

❤️RIVA TD - filly born 6-7-2021

Hermès x San Remo x Pion❤️

Location: Sint-Oedenrode - The Netherlands

Colour: Dark Bay might become Grey

Price: On request

Sabine Smit
February 21, 2022 · changed the group description.

Welcome to our Dressage foals for sale group. Become a member and post your foal for sale here. Offering your foal for sale via this group is free of charge.

Note that this group is only for selling your foal. Any other advertisements for products, events or general discussions will be removed.

Please make sure when you post your foal for sale you add the following details:





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You fully indemnify against all possible claims from yourself and third parties in any way arising out of and/or related to an agreement that you enter into by using this site.

Welkom bij de groep! Je kunt contact leggen met andere leden, updates ontvangen en foto's delen.


    Welcome to our Dressage foals for sale group. Become a membe...


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