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L' Avenir x Charmeur x Negro




Ooh la la!

What a great filly by the young Premium stallion L'Avenir (by Le Formidable). Three excellent gaits and a top mare line. An asset for sport and breeding!

Uma is related to the brand new World Champion young dressage horses Opoque (by All at Once) and in the mare line, in addition to a selection of excellent sport horses, we find the approved stallions Knock-Out (by Ebony), G-Princeton (by Glamourdale). , Blue Hors First Choice (by Jazz), Viking (by Vivaldi) and High Five US (by Charmeur).

Mother is the young Elite, IBOP-dr., PROK, D-OC mare Kurona (by Charmeur). She received eights at her mare performance test (IBOP) for posture and balance and her rideability. Her daughter, the EPTM-dr., PROK and D-OC approved Passion (by Taminiau), scored a nice total of 77.5 points at her EPTM mare performance test, with three times the grade 8 for her walk, trot and rideability and workability.

Grandmother is the provisional Keur, Preferent, Performance mare Turona (by Negro). In addition to Kurona, she produced the Ster, D-OC mare Nurona (by Ferguson), the Elite, Sport-dr. PROK mare Hurona (by Dorado), the Elite, Sport-dr., PROK approved and Small Tour classified Gurona (by Charmeur). She also produced the Flemmingh offspring Calva la Cornilliere, who is ridden at PSG level by the English rider Charlotte Dicker.

Great-grandmother the Elite, Preferent, Prestatie, PROK approved Murona (by Vincent) produced no fewer than 8 horses that compete at Z-dressage or higher, including the Grand Prix stallion Axel (by Sandreo), who was successful under the French rider Alexander Ayache and is now being successfully competed at Grand Prix level by the Estonian rider Grete Püvi - Ayache. Her daughter Vurona (by Negro) is in her turn the mother of the approved KWPN stallions High Five US (by Charmeur) and Blue Hors First Choice (by Jazz).

The father is the Premium stallion L'Avenir (by Le Formidable) and approved by the Oldenburg. This grandson of Weihegold was also crowned Premium Stallion during the KWPN stallion inspection and designated for the KWPN performance test.

L'Avenir is an elegant stallion, has a beautiful carriage, trots with extra use of the foreleg and always moves uphill like a real king.

His first foals seem very promising and often have the spectacular movement of their father.


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