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Desperado x Ferguson x Negro




A black-brown color, a top character, fine movement and coming from a top mare line. What else do you want? Ushi is a promise for sport and breeding. Mother Nurona (by Feguson) is a sister of the Small Tour horses Gurona (by Charmeur) and Calva la Cornilliere (by Flemmingh) - Charlotte Dicker (GBR).

In the mare line we find many top dressage horses and the approved stallions High Five U.S., Blue Hors First Choice and Knock Out.

Mother is the young Ster, D-OC mare Nurona (by Ferguson). Ushi is her first offspring.

Grandmother is de Ster, provisionally Keur, Preferent, Performance, PROK mare Turona (by Negro). In addition to Nurona, she produced the Elite, IBOP-dr, PROK approved mare Kurona (by Charmeur), the Elite, Sport-dr. PROK mare Hurona (by Dorado), the Z2 classified Cyrano Cornilliere (by Flemmingh), the Elite, Sport-dr., PROK approved and Small Tour classified Gurona (by Charmeur) and she produced the Flemmingh offspring Calva la Cornilliere who at PSG level is ridden by the English rider Charlotte Dicker.

Great-grandmother is the Elite, Preferent, Performance, PROK approved Murona (by Vincent). She brought no fewer than 8 horses that compete at Z-dressage or higher, including the Grand Prix stallion Axel (by Sandreo), who was successful under the French rider Alexander Ayache and is now successfully trained and competed at Grand Prix level by the Estonian rider Grete Püvi - Ayache. Her daughter Vurona (by Negro) is in turn mother of the approved KWPN stallions High Five US (by Charmeur) and Blue Hors First Choice (by Jazz).

The sire is the Grand Prix stallion Desperado (by Vivaldi), who was included in the Olympic selection for Tokyo 2020/2021. He is a real winner with a fantastic character that he passes on to his offspring.

He was Performance Champion in the autumn of 2011 with 89.5 points, and won the PAVO Cup and three times the KWPN stallion competition. In 2018 he won the VHO trophy with no less than 88.25%.

Desperado has already supplied many approved stallions, including Asgard's Ibiza, Dettori, James Bond, the young approved stallions Joep and Purple Rain and the first approved dressage stallion in Ireland Pompidou AF who found his way to Ireland via our website

Desperado's offspring are very popular and sought after for their friendly character and great willingness to work.


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