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Ulvano van de Liesvelden

Bloomberg x Glock's Toto Jr. x Gribaldi



Ulvano van de Liesvelden

Black pearl with dressage ambitions

Ulvano van de Liesvelden is not only a beautifully modeled foal with a fine character, and his movements are also impressive. He descends from a mare line that proves to produce sport horses at the highest level!

Grandmother Sylvana (by Gribaldi) produced the international Grand Prix horse Winston (by Jazz) and great-grandmother Miana (by Burggraaf) is the mother of the international Grand Prix horse HF Victor (by Gribaldi).

Mother is Glock's Toto Jr. offspring Morgana. Ulvano is her first offspring.

Grandmother is de Keur, EPTM-dr. mare Sylvana (by Gribaldi). In addition to Morgana, she produced the M1 classified horses Alvano (by UB 40) and Ivana (by Apache), the Z2 classified Kameraad (by Dorado) and the international Grand Prix horse Winston (by Jazz) - Polina Afanasina (RUS).

Great-grandmother Miana (by Burggraaf) produced the M2 dressage horse Rilana (by Gribaldi), the Z1 classified Henrie (by Tangelo v.d. Zuuthoeve) and the international Grand Prix horse HF Victor (by Gribaldi) - Michael Barisone (USA).

Bloomberg is the performance champion of the KWPN performance test 2020! The stallion Bloomberg descends from the stallion Bon Coeur and with successively the stallions Don Index and Rohdiamant, this black tyrant can make a substantial contribution to the blood distribution in the Netherlands. 

In addition to his free blood, Bloomberg has a fantastic character combined with a great rideability, in his KWPN performance report we read, among other things:

 'Bloomberg is an honest, reliable and eager to work stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion can be worked very well. The walk has good tact, is active and has good scope. The trot has a lot of cadence, a very good front leg technique with a hind leg that is very easy to work with. The canter has a powerful impulsion, has very good scope and is carried with very good leg technique. The stallion shows a lot of switching ability and moves with very good suppleness, self-carriage and balance. Bloomberg has a lot of talent as a dressage horse and gives his rider a very good feeling.

During the performance test, Bloomberg received the following figures: Walk: 8 / Trot: 9 / Canter: 9 / Souplesse: 9 / Posture and balance: 9 / Rideability and workability: 9.5 / Talent as a dressage horse: 9 / TOTAL: 88.5 

Source: Stal Schep 



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