Saffier VDA

Vaderland x Fürstenball x Sandro Hit



Saffier VDA

Who will let this gemstone shine in the dressage ring!

Saffier VDA descends from a mare line where sport is of paramount importance! The mare line is full of excellent sport and inspection horses. There are simply too many to list! This young foal is therefore born to become a good sport horse. He moves uphill with suppleness and has an excellent canter.

Mother is the Elite, IBOP-dr, PROK, D-OC mare Herrera (s. Fürstenball). Her daughter Nice VDA (s. Vitalis) was the second most expensive foal at the Maren-Kessel auction in 2018 and Robijn VDA (s. Vitalis) was sold in 2021 for a record amount of € 24,000 via Foal Auction Borculo. Her son Onyx VDA (s. Vitalis) is working on his dressage career in Sweden.

Grandmother is the Elite, Preferente, Sport-dr, D-OC mare Santana van Hof Olympia (s. Sandro Hit). She herself competed at ZZ-light level dressage. Besides Herrera she produced the Ster, PROK mare Kiss Me (s. Johnson), de Ster, provisional Keur, PROK mare La Vita (s. Galaxie), the Elite, IBOP-dr, PROK mare Million Dollar Baby (s. Fürstenball) , the KWPN second viewing stallion New Millionaire (s. Desperado) and the ZZ-heavy stallion Invito (s. Fürstenball) designated for the KWPN performance test.

You rarely come across a great-granddam like P. Siltana van Hof Olympia (s. Silvano N). She is a dressage horse maker par excellence. In addition to Santana, she produced Preferente, Performance, PROK mare Sandritana (s. Sandro Hit), the Elite, Preferente, IBOP-dr., PROK mare Salitana (s. Sandro Hit), de Ster, Sport-dr., PROK , D-OC mare Elitana (s. Spielberg), de Ster, provisional Keur, PROK mare Inatana (s. Apache), the 2nd viewing and international Inter I classified stallion Blom's Hotmail V (s. Apache) - Daphne van Peperstraten (NED) ), the international Inter I classified Blom's Gatino van Hof Olympia and the International Grand Prix horse Sintano van Hof Olympia (s. Sandro Hit) - Gareth Hughes (GBR).

Vaderland is approved in Westphalia, Hanover and Oldenburg. Vaderland was reserve champion at the Westphalian stallion inspection. The Vitalis son completed the 14-day test in Adelheidsdorf in the spring of 2019 with an excellent dressage-oriented final mark, a 8.74, the second best dressage result. He received an 8.0 for his walk and trot, for his canter he received a whopping 9.5. Character, temperament and willingness to work were awarded a 9.25. He received a 9.75 for his ride-ability.

Vaderland also performed well in the sports test in Münster-Handorf in March 2020. He finished with an average of 8.48. For the walk and canter he received an 8.5. The stallion scored 8.6 for ride-ability and overall impression. In the final of the Oldenburger Reitpferdechampionat Vaderland won bronze in the hands of Annika Korte.

Vaderland's sire, Vitalis, is now a top dressage horse breeder and very popular all over the world. With his expensive offspring, he dominated the German auction (s) in Münster-Handorf, produced numerous elite mares and has more than 25 approved sons to date. In 2016 his daughter Victoria Secret became World Champion of the five-year-old dressage horses. Vitalis himself celebrated his sporty comeback under the saddle of Isabel Freese and won the prestigious Nürnberger Burgpokal.

Vaderland’s dam is the mare Vechta by the Grand Prix stallion Krack C out of the Contango daughter Nevada. Vechta also produced Impressive VDC (by Charmeur) who was selected in 2020 with Sarah Mills for the canceled World Championships for young dressage horses. The BWP approved stallion Heros Begijnhoeve (v. Vivaldi) comes from the mare line. Tommie Visser's international dressage horse Fanatique Begijnhoeve (PSG-Inter I) is also closely related to Vaderland. The dam's line also produced the approved stallion Nachtwach (v. Nocturn), Joilet (v. El Corona) - Z dress, Diavola (v. Diamo) - 1.30m spr. and Avalanche (v. Tjungske) - 135m. spr.

Last year the first foals of Vaderland were born and they immediately stood out with their beautiful front and great appearance and strong movements. Some were already sold dearly at auctions. For example, 30,000 euros was paid for his daughter (from a Fairytale mother) at the "Reiten gegen den Hunger" auction in Balve. His children were also very popular at the auctions in Oldenburg and Westphalia. At the Brouwer Auctions Stables, his son Professor W.S. the most expensive at 23,000 euros.

His foals move uphill and in the trot they have a great foreleg use with a lot of shoulder freedom, a lot of knee, looseness and elasticity. They trot with a powerful and active hind leg.


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