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Twinkle Norene S

One Two Three x Glock's Toto jr. x Zichem



Twinkle Norene S

No need to pay commission. Your Superstar is right here at!

Meet Twinkle Norene S a foal out of a superb damline with an amazing list of horses that are excelling in predicates and achieving good results in sport.

If you want to excell in Sport and Breeding look no further here she is!

Dam is the young D-OC mare Norene Irene S (by Glock's Toto Jr.). Twinkle Norene S is her second offspring.

Grandmother is the Keur, Performance, Sport dr. mare Norene (v. Zichem). She was successfully released in the sport at Z2 level and is a 3-time Dutch Champion Gelders horse. Norene is praised for her type, size, quality and extra movement. Her offspring are also doing very well. She produced, among others, the Keur, IBOP-dr. and Z1 classified Zara Norene (by Krack C), the Elite, PROK approved and Z1 classified mare Edel Weiss Norene (by Apache), the Z1 classified gelding Harlekijn S (by Krack C), the international PSG/Inter I classified horse Artiest (by Trento B) - Dorothy Morkis (USA) and the international Grand Prix horse Figaro (by Apache) - Nars Gottmer (NED).

Great-grandmother is the Elite, Preferent, Performance and PROK approved mare Irene (v. Purioso). Her descendants are also big in predicates and good sport results! Besides Norene she also brought:

Landlord -(v. Goodwill) - Ster - ZZ-light dressage

Royal Irene (by Kennedy) - Ster, pro. Approval

Summer Time (by Flemmingh) - Preferent, Performance, PROK

Tip Top Irene (by Krack C) - Elite, IBOP-dr., Sport-dr., PROK - Z2 dressage

Viva Irene (by Goodtimes) - Elite, Sport-dr., PROK - Z2 dressage

Well Done Irene (s. Rhodium) - Elite, Preferent, IBOP-dr., PROK

Alpha Irene (by Rhodium) - Elite, Preferent, Performance, Sport-dr, PROK - Z2 dressage

Dolce Vita Irene (by Uphill) - Ster, IBOP-dr., PROK - M2 dressage

Fiera Irene (by Zhivago) - Elite, Sport-dr. IBOP-dr., PROK, D-OC - ZZ-heavy dressage

Juffer Irene S (s. Charmeur) - Ster, PROK

In the mare line we also find the stallions Kwiek (Giovanni x Rhodium x Purioso) and Excaliber (Fürst Romancier x Krack C x Zichem) designated for the KWPN performance test.

Sire is the sturdy chestnut stallion One Two Three. He shows that he has everything for a top dressage horse, model, size, mentality, engine, mechanism!!!!!

A horse for the future!!! This handsome fox has a particularly good hind leg and moves every step up the mountain. He has the right attitude and willingness to work.

His father Vivaldi is a pure stallion of stature, but his mother Tolivia has also earned her spurs in breeding. She is the dam of Vitalis and his brother My Vitality, but also of the Spielberg daughter Dalivia, who in turn gave us the designated descendant of Deparon, Oklahoma.

One Two Three is approved by the KWPN and also approved via the 2-day test in Oldenburg and also recognized in Hanover.


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