Popeye EPJ

Lennox U.S. x Lord Leatherdale



Popeye EPJ


Nimble talent ..

Popeye EPJ is an exceptional talent for the future. He moves with a lot of space, flexibility and a nice use of the foreleg. It is not suprising that his canter stands out. Especially when your mother is the sister of the National Champion 3-year old mares 2017 Jatilinda and none other than the KWPN approved stallion Jameson RS2!

Mother is the IBOP-drs, prok approved mare Ivylinda. She is a mare out of the golden combination of the stallions Lord Leatherdale and Negro. The same combination of stallions also brought the successful stallions Chippendale, Everdale and the World Champion young dressage horses Glamourdale. Up to now Ivylinda competed up to Z1 level in sport. Popeye EPJ is her second foal.

Grandmother is none other than the Elite, Preferent, Sport-drs. mare Atilinda (Negro). She competed up to PSG/Inter I and stands at the cradle of three Elite mares, of which Jatilinda (All at Once) is the most striking. In 2017 she became National Champion with the 3 year old mares and after that she achieved success after success under the saddle. She passed her IBOP maretest with 87 points, she won the Horsefood Competition for young horses in 2018 and 2019 with a 10 for her trot and for riding with a guest rider and best mare of the PAVO cup 2019.

The most famous descendant of Atilinda is none other than the KWPN approved stallion Jameson RS2 (Blue Hors Zack). In 2018 he was the KWPN performance champion with a total of 90 points, winner of the PAVO cup 4-year-old dressage horses and winner of the Stallion Competition 4-year-old dressage stallions with 91 points. His canter is time and again good for the highest possible grade ... a 10!

Sire is Lennox U.S. 

He was the reserve champion of the KWPN Stallion Selection 2019. His mother is the mare Herarona (v. Rousseau). She is the full sister of the Grand Prix stallion Blue Hors Zack who belongs to the best Grand Prix horses in the world. Grand Galaxy Win (Apache) is the father of Lennox US. He has put his name on the map with the Oldenburger licensing Champion Global Player (Grand Galaxy Win x Don Schufro).

Lennox U.S. is a young long-legged stallion with a lot of balance and self-carriage. He moves with an active hind leg and stands out with his strong carried canter. A horse with a lot of potential for the higher dressage work.


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Dressuurstal Patricia Jansen


The Netherlands