Rocky Balboa E.H.

Le Formidable x Florencio x Jazz



Rocky Balboa E.H.

From the mare line of the KWPN approved stallion, Joyride (by Ampère) and the Grand Prix horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi) - Kay Maxted (GBR)

Dam is the Ster, Preferent, EPTM-dr. mare Chivadora E.H. (by Florencio). Her descendants are making progress. She produced the stallion Patton E.H. who moved to a different owner for the price of €27,000 through the auction of Grand Prix Sales in 2020. The Ster, D-OC mare Havadora E.H. (s. Bretton Woods) and the elite, EPTM-dr., D-OC mare Lunadora E.H. (s. Bordeaux). During her EPTM mare exam, Chivador scored 4 x 8 for trot, canter, flexibility and rideability and workability.

Grandmother the elite, preferente, sport-dr. mare Vidora E.H. delivered alongside Chivadora E.H. de Ster, Prok, D-OC mare Latoya Dora E.H. (by Ferdeaux) and the KWPN approved stallion Joyride (by Ampère).

Sire is the champion of the KWPN Stallion Selection 2019 .... Le Formidable (s. Bordeaux). Le Formidable's career started early when he was crowned National Champion as a foal.

In addition to his fine character, beautiful appearance and excellent movement, he has a pedigree to dream of.

Dam Vienna is a descendant of the Olympic Grand Prix stallion Ferro. She is also the founder of the approved stallion Four Legends KS (s. Wynton). Vienna her dam Annabel (s. De Niro) is the mother of the stallion Chagall D&R (s. Jazz) and Bretton Woods (s. Johnson).

The offspring of Le Formidable is making them heard of. At the recent KWPN foal championship the foal champion and the third place where taken by his children.


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