Le Formidable x Eye Catcher x Oscar




Rough diamond...

Rusty is a filly with the dressage looks. Long lined, uphill and a beautiful front. She moves with strong use of the hind leg. She comes from the Otrichta line and that makes her very interesting for sport and breeding!

Mother is the Elite, D-OC, IBOP-dr. mare Jacky (s. Eye Catcher). As a foal Jacky already received a 1st premium. During her IBOP mare test she scored a very nice result of 78.5 points. With 4x the grade 8 for trot, suppleness, posture and balance and talent as a dressage horse and an 8.5 for her rideability and workability. Rusty is her first foal.

Grandmother is the Elite, IBOP-dr., D-OC, PROK mare Atrina (s. Oscar). In addition to Jacky, she produced the Z1 classified horse Hidalgo (s. Don Schufro) and the ZZ-light classified Sport, PROK mare Fayetrina (s. Belissimo M).

Great-granddam Natrina (s. Vincent) produced the ZZ-light classified Elite, Sport-dr, IBOP-dr, PROK mare Itrina (s. Dream Boy) and the International Prix St. George horse Unique (s. Metall).

Sire is the champion of the KWPN Stallion Selection 2019 .... Le Formidable (s. Bordeaux). Le Formidable's career started early when he was crowned National Champion as a foal.

In addition to his fine character, beautiful appearance and excellent movement, he has a pedigree to dream of.

Dam Vienna is a descendant of the Olympic Grand Prix stallion Ferro. She is also the founder of the approved stallion Four Legends KS (s. Wynton). Vienna her dam Annabel (s. De Niro) is the mother of the stallion Chagall D&R (s. Jazz) and Bretton Woods (s. Johnson).

The offspring of Le Formidable is making them heard of. At the recent KWPN foal championship the foal champion and the third place where taken by his children.


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