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Titus AF

Kjento x Sir Oldenburg x Houston



Titus AF

Bring a future star into your stables!

Titus AF is a foal with a beautiful uphill conformation and moves with a hind leg that carries easily. His grandmother Ra-Shell produced among others the KWPN approved stallion and ZZ-heavy placed King van het Haarbosch (by Spielberg), the Heavy Tour horse Ira-Shon (by Johnson) and the Grand Prix horse Caprice (by Johnson). ) - Noel Williams (USA)

Are you looking for a future horse for the higher dressage work? Then have a look at Titus AF.

Mother is the Elite, IBOP-dr., D-OC mare Frederique. In her IBOP test, she scored a wonderful score of 80.5. With 4 x the grade 8 for her trot, suppleness, rideability and workability and aptitude as a dressage horse and 2 x an 8.5 for her gallop and posture and balance. Her first offspring have taken their first steps in the sport.

Grandmother is the Elite, Preferent, Performance, D-OC mare Ra-Shell (by Houston). In addition to Frederique she produced, de Ster, provisionally Keur mare Jar-Shell AF (s. Johnson), the Z1-classified horse Veritas (s. Flemmingh), the ZZ-Zwaar classified stallion Edison (s. Johnson) who was designated for the KWPN performance test, the Elite, Preferente, IBOP-dr., PROK approved mare Gina (by Florencio), who in turn is the dam of the KWPN approved stallion and ZZ-heavy classified King van het Haarbosch (by Spielberg), the Heavy Tour classified Ira-Shon AF (by Johnson) and the international Grand Prix horse Caprice (by Johnson) - Noel Williams (USA).

Great-grandmother is the Keur, Preferent Ester (s. L. Ronald). She ran a fantastic IBOP test with a total of 86 points! She produced, in addition to Ra-Shell, the 1.30m classified show jumpers Indianan (by Seclusive Z) and Mariska (by Ixion), the Z1 classified horse Neville (by Wellington) and the ZZ-light classified horse Swindon (by Wellington) .

Father is the KWPN stallion Kjento, who became the World Champion of the 6- and 7-year-old dressage horses in 2021 and 2022.

The preferent top sire Negro, himself a son of the also preferent top sire Ferro, is the sire of Kjento. Negro has already had a significant positive impact on breeding through his approved sons and grandsons.

The dam is the mare Zoriana, elite pref IBOP-dr PROK, a daughter of the preferent stallion Jazz. She was third at the National Mare Inspection as a three-year-old and then achieved a top score of 90 points for her IBOP, including a 10 for the trot. She is classified in Z-level dressage, just like her mother Poriana, keur pref prest sport-dr, a daughter of Juventus. Full brothers of Zoriana are classified in ZZ-Heavy and ZZ-Light. Additionally, Poriana has produced two Z2-level dressage horses by Vivaldi. The third dam, Koriana keur pref prest sport-dr (by Rubinstein I), has produced several sport horses, including the Light Tour horses Rhapsody (by Lancet), Zidana (by Krack C), and Uno (by Jazz). She has also produced three Z-level dressage horses by Johnson, one by Krack C, and is the grandmother of several Z/ZZ-level horses.

In 2019, Kjento won the first round of the semi-final of the PAVO Cup and finished in a fantastic second place in the final. He also performed exceptionally well in the stallion competitions, achieving high rankings in Kronenberg, Ermelo, and Zuidbroek. In the final, he finished in a very impressive second place, with just a 1-point difference. In 2020, he convincingly qualified for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden. During the KWPN stallion presentation in Ermelo, Kjento received the ultimate score of 10 for his trot and an impressive 9.5 for his canter. With a total of 90 points, he topped the rankings.

In 2021, Kjento was crowned FEI World Champion of 6-year-old dressage horses at the World Championships in Verden. With a total score of 96%, Lottie and Kjento were the absolute favorites of both the judges and the audience! In 2022, he once again became the World Champion for 7-year-old dressage horses.

Source: Van Olst Horses


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