Kjento x Lord Leatherdale x Tuschinski




With light footed ease she trots and canters through the arena...

Paloma is a correctly built and appealing filly out of a very healthy mare line from the KWPN performance champion Kjento. The choice for this young Negro offspring in combination with the stallion Lord Leatherdale is obvious. After all, the successful combination of Lord Leatherdale and Negro already brought the approved stallions Fairytale, Chippendale, the Grand Prix stallion Everdale and of course the World Champion young dressage horses Glamourdale.

This relatively young dressage line originates from a strong jumping-oriented sport dam line, in which the first dressage offspring are heard off.

Dam is the Z2 dressage classified Elite, sport (dr), IBOP (dr) mare Elma (Lord Leatherdale). To date, in addition to Paloma she produced two offspring of the stallions High Five U.S. and First Choice.

Grandmother Arma is a KWPN ster, prok mare by the stallion Tuschinksi (Krack C). Besides Elma she produced the still young offspring, Legendale (Lord Leatherdale), Mellini (Fellini) and Phancy (Just Wimphof).

Great-grandmother is the jumping-bred Kilma (Burggraaf). Her sire Burggraaf is not only known for giving very good jumping horses, but also dressage horses that perform at the highest level. Such as the Grand Prix dressage horses Florijn and Louisville. In addition to Arma, Kilma brought the KWPN 2nd viewing stallion Obote (Holland) and the ster, provisionally keur mare Victoria (Metall).


Milma (Voltaire) the sister of Kilma produced the international PSG/Inter I horse Wilma D (Numero Uno) and the 1.40m. classified mare Zilma D (Berlin). She is the mother of the international 1.50m. show jumper Grand Cooper (Lord Z) ridden by Pius Schwitzer.

Sire is the expressively moving young stallion Kjento. His father is the preferred top progenitor Negro who also signed for the paternity of the Olympic champion Valegro of Charlotte Dujardin.


His mother is the elite preferent mare Zoriana (Jazz). She came third at the KWPN national mare inspection and achieved a top score of 90 points for her KWPN  - IBOP-test (Individual Usability Research Horses).

With his movement technique, rideability and attitude, combined with the ability to close and collect, Kjento shows a lot of talent for the heavy work. He was the absolute top of the KWPN autumn performance test in 2018 with a score of 90 points.


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Wijlaars Paarden


The Netherlands