Hometown x Goodtimes x Zirkoon (ET)




Are you going to work with Oceanus...

Oceanus is an appealing and talented colt from a mare line with a lot of sport horses. He is a friendly and keen foal that needs to gain a bit of confidence. He moves with ease, with a lot of scope and flexibility and a good use of his hindlegs.

Oceanus is an ET foal. The mare in the video is a carrier mare.

Dam is the Elite sport mare U-Vira (by Goodtimes). During her IBOP test she received eights for her walk, trot and canter and she participated in the championsring at the NMK (Dutch Mare Championships) and was successfully competed in the Advanced dressage class. U-Vira produced the mare Dreamgirl P (by Spielberg), which is successfully in the Small Tour.


Grandmother is the keur, preferent, performance mare Elvira by the Grand Prix stallion Zirkoon. Elvira achieved an amazing score of no less than 91 points in her mare performance test! In addition to U-Vira, she produced the Keur, sport mares Nimmyno-Vira (Nimmerdor) and Ozelle-Vira (Flemmingh) and the ZZ-heavy classified horse Watseist (Goodtimes).

Sire is the stallion Hometown (Apache x Ferro). A stallion that has everything for the higher dressage work. He is praised for his very strong hindleg use. A horse with commitment, sensitivity and strength. Under his rider Diederik van Silfhout he claimed the victory during the stallion competition in Zuidbroek the Netherland in the class L with no less than 90 points.


The offspring of Hometown moves uphill with a lot of flexibility.


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