Henkie x Andretti x Enrico x




Top model and extra movement!

You can hardly wish for more. Pancho is a black beauty who has an excellent dressage model. She is long lined with a beautiful front. In addition, she has three excellent gaits. She moves with space, flexibility and mechanics in the joints.

A dressage talent for sport and breeding!

Dam is the Elite, IBOP mare Gilanta (s.Andretti). Pancho is her first offspring. Gilanta scored good marks in her IBOP maretest with an 8 for her canter and an 8.5 for her rideability and workability. She is currently being trained to obtain her sports predicate.

Granddam is the Ster mare Ilanta (s. Enrico x). Besides Gilanta she produced the Ster mare Olanta (s. Amsterdam). In her turn she produced the international show jumper Quivive S Z (s. Quasimodo Z), which was competed at international 1.55m level by Dutch rider Eric van der Vleuten. She also produced the ZZZ dressage horse Wico van Hilsberg (s. Osmium). Ilanta also produced the gelding Indorado (s. Desperado), which is competed at Z1 level.

Sire is the Gelder-bred KWPN stallion Henkie (s. Alexandro P). As a foal he was crowned Foal Champion, in 2015 he became champion of the KWPN stallion inspection and the performance test. Under his rider Adelinde Cornelissen Henkie convinced as a dressage horse and he belongs to the absolute world top. He has been the winner of the stallion competition several times and managed to reach the final of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses four years in a row, culminating in his performance in 2016 where he was second with a score of 91%.

His descendants are also doing very well. In the offspring inspection, the foals from mares with riding horse blood stood out in particular. The foals show a lot of suppleness, good leg technique and good use of the foreleg. His daughter Lafeniz Texel was sold at the auction of Sell Veulenveiling for a record amount of € 24,000.


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Mr. J. Jansen


The Netherlands