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Salanta (D-OC) is a real eye-catcher. She has excellent gaits and is a very interesting foal for sport and breeding!

Mother is the Elite, IBOP-dr. , PROK, D-OC mare Havanta. In 2015 she was invited to participate in the Dutch Mare Championships (NMK). She passed her IBOP test with a total of 80.5 points. She scored 4 x 8 for her walk, suppleness, talent as a dressage horse and for her rideability and workability. She got 2 x 8.5 for her trot and posture and balance. Her son O'Roark (s. For Ferrero) achieved the 2nd round viewing of the KWPN stallion selection this year.

Grandmother is the Elite, IBOP-dr, PROK mare Covanta (s. Oscar). In addition to Havanta, she also brought the Elite, IBOP-dr. D-OC mare Lavanta (s. Guardian S).

Great-granddam is the Elite, Sport-dr. mare Tovanta (s. Jazz). She was entered in the sport at Z2 level.

In the mare line we also find a selection of highly classified sport horses, including the Small Tour horses Imagine (by Apache) and Ventoux (s. Future), but also the Grand Prix show jumpers Javantus (s. Ahorn) - Gerco Schröder (NED) and Chinook (s. Verdi) - Greg Patrick Broderick (IRL) as well as the 160m. classified and KWPN approved stallion Renville (s. Courville) - Bert Romp (NED).

Bloomberg is the performance champion of the KWPN performance test 2020!

He descends from the stallion Bon Coeur and with successively the stallions Don Index and Rohdiamant.

Bloomberg has a fantastic character and he fantastic to ride. The KWPN performance report describes him as:

'An honest, reliable and eager to work stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion can be worked very well. The walk has good tact, is active and has good scope. The trot has a lot of cadence, a very good front leg technique with a hind leg that is very easy to work with. The canter has a powerful impulse, has very good scope and is carried with very good leg technique. The stallion shows a lot of ability to collect and expand and moves with very good suppleness, self-carriage and balance. Bloomberg has a lot of talent as a dressage horse and gives his rider a very nice feeling.'

During the performance survey, Bloomberg received the following points:

Walk: 8 / Trot: 9 / Canter: 9 / Souplesse: 9 / Posture and balance: 9 / Rideability and workability: 9.5 / Talent as a dressage horse: 9 / TOTAL: 88.5




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